Flatly is an integrity-first company.

Customer fanatics.

We listen to every bit of feedback our users share with us and take it to heart, really meditate on it and then do our best to act on it. We never deflect, or blame users for any sub-par experiences with Flatly should they arise. We consider every new support ticket a failure on our part -in that we did not make the product intuitive enough or message clearly enough. To the best of our ability we try to satisfy the requirements of all our users and work proactively to anticipate requirements in the future.

Security is top priority.

We follow best practices to protect our users' data and are working hard to implement additional security measures on an ongoing basis. Flatly is tightly dependent on Google and Firebase infrastructure which means our users benefit directly from the collective strengths of the world's best software engineers, systems administrators and security thought leaders.

Ecosystem respect.

Flatly is part of a global community of SaaS companies and as such we strive to be an upstanding citizen in terms of our day to day interactions with our peers. Professionalism and integrity are paramount at Flatly. We put energy into making win-wins happen with all of our partners and always keep their interests in mind, beyond just our own.

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