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Comprehensive data sync made effortless.

Triggerlessly connect complete data sets to BI-ready clouds. Replicate your data for custom analytics in under 5 minutes.

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Flatly automates data replication so you can say goodbye to manually sharing, exporting and importing files.

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Flat files enable data pipelines

Flat files are versatile, self-contained database files that are compatible with a broad range of software systems, for both export and import cases.  Spreadsheets are like super-charged versions of flat files that enable advanced logic to make the data more useful.  Compared to conventional record-based databases or warehouses, flat files require no technical expertise.

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Spreadsheet Apps

Bring your data directly into your favorite online sheet apps for data crunching, sorting and blending.

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Cloud Storage

Store tens of millions of records as CSV or XLSX files in scalable cloud platforms.

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Google BigQuery

Run advanced queries on normalized newline JSON or connect to Looker downstream.

Unlock your data to make it portable and presentable

Replicated data lets you visualize and share it your way. You are no longer confined to the context of your data's origin.

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Bridge your data to your preferred dashboarding and visualization tools.

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Custom Analytics

Apply custom computations on your data to unlock insights and make better decisions.

Data Sharing

Securely distribute your data to your collaborators with read-only access.

Data Backup

Create snapshots of your data at points in time to enable recovery options.

Deep integrations across cloud verticals

Connect more than 50+ apps, 10K+ banks and 10+ clouds

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Customer testimonials

Our product has a positive impact on our customers' operations, which they love.

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It just works. We ran into a challenge that our new ticket system (Fresh Service) did not have direct database or PowerBI access. Flatly allowed us to pull our data to an Excel data source and keep our familiar PowerBI dashboards.

Ed K

User Services Manager
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Flatly is a superb reliable service that provides crucial linkage between mission critical data sets with an easy to use interface. It’s pricing is also very competitive. We have been very happy with it.


McLean, Virginia
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Did exactly what I wanted and setup took less than an hour.

Simon L

IT Director
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Easy to interact with, great/responsive customer service.

Andrew B
Project Manager
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We used it to migrate CRM data from our old system to our new system. Flatly made it possible to move the data quickly by extracting it in the proper format and also minimized data loss by updating daily.

Steve M
Head of IT
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It has never failed me and their support is great.

Michael C
Operations Manager
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It had both applications I wanted to connect already built in and it was super easy to setup and schedule the data transfer.


Austin, Texas
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