84 sec

Average Setup Time

Blazing fast setup

Start your stopwatch. We see some syncs fully set up in under 30 seconds. Others take closer to 5 minutes.

Intuitive Interface

Flatly's interface is so intuitive it does not need instructions or tutorials. It is entirely point-and-click and flows in a single direction with simple steps.

The interface is unbelievable. It is so easy to use...after years of struggling with Zapier this is life changing.

- Melissa in Seattle

No code

Software should work for us, not the other way around.  Bypass technical complexity altogether.

No complicated flow charts

Save yourself weeks of work by going with simplified integration models that are made to be efficient.

Fast & Powerful ETL

Extract - Transform - Load

Full data refresh

Maintain up-to-date flat files when any nested or bundled data changes in your source app.

High frequency

10-minute refresh cycles mean your data store is near real-time.

High capacity

Reliably flatten billions of cells to CSV files without hiccups.

Merged datasets

Export left-joined combo objects like deals+products.

Write options

Refresh one flat file or create a stack of timestamped versions.


Include only the columns or views essential for your reporting.

Mobile access

Manage your sync operations from your phone if you are traveling.


Get alerts about your syncs via email, webhooks or Slack notifications.


Access up to one thousand log entries for your sync operations.

Custom Field Enrichment

Get useful values in your data instead of identifiers or definitions.

Metadata Attachment

See file statistics alongside your flat files to keep track of their origins.

Time Stamp Enrichment

Get human-readable dates and times from UNIX timestamps.

Dark UI Mode

Reduce eye strain and save energy by using our built in dark mode.

Stripe-powered Billing

Reliable payments provider with automatic, familiar invoicing and 1% of Sales to Stripe Climate.

Programmatic Jobs

Available with Steamroller plans, have your jobs created automatically with assistance from Flatly Support.


Secure & Reliable Platform

Bank-grade connection encryption and no-persistence data transformation means your data is kept safe. Google Cloud infrastructure means fewer outages and less latency.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Flatly work?

Flatly is a web application that runs in your browser. It presents you with a simple graphical user interface that lets you manage multiple connections to other apps and clouds. Behind the scenes, the service uses your connections to periodically read, flatten and upload your data to your cloud storage or spreadsheet of choice. The service relies on secure, publicly documented channels called "APIs" or Application Programming Interfaces which are essentially just digital pipes going into and coming out of apps and clouds.

What is flat data?

The term "flat" refers to the tabular layout, consisting of row and columns, of data common in flat files. This format contrasts with the more complex multi-dimensional format that data can manifest in while it is housed in applications or in heavy duty databases. Flat files essentially mean simplicity and versatility.

Do I need technical skills to use Flatly?

If you are using a popular app like Google Sheets, Excel Online, Smartsheet or Dropbox then you will not need any technical knowledge beyond what is required to use those clouds. Some clouds like Google BigQuery, Amazon S3 or Azure Storage will require familiarity with basic cloud infrastructure navigation.

Is this just another Zapier?

Data integration and app integration are two different models.  Flatly excels at replicating bulk data as opposed to individual snapshots of data triggered at some point in time in the past. Since records constantly change (example: a support ticket's urgency or assigned agent might change several times over the course of a week) it is essential to frequently re-check and re-replicate the data for analytics. Flatly is specialized purely for the flat file format in conjunction with cloud storage and spreadsheet apps.

How does Flatly keep my data safe?

From the moment you authorize a new connection, your credentials are encrypted using AES 256 and stored in a secure database in Google Cloud. Flatly then uses your credentials to fetch, transform and replicate your business data to a cloud that you control. As soon as the replication is complete, Flatly permanently deletes the copy of your data from our cache. This is called no-persistence and it means that Flatly is a conduit system -one that processes but does not store, or "persist", your data in its own infrastructure. Unlike other companies, Flatly's infrastructure is only accessed by one single human administrator, our CEO.

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