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Your SaaS app likely already provides sophisticated in-app analytics and reporting functionality, but what about the edge-cases? What do you say when a user asks how they may calculate the percentage of A within B time-period? Or when they want to visualize your data in a way you haven't considered? Flatly solves this challenge by making it easy for your users to setup automated, real-time analytics in a fully custom sandbox that harnesses the power, readability and universality of CSV, XLSX and Sheets.


If you give your users the ability to develop highly-tailored analytics based on data from your app, you deliver them substantial value -and that means they are more likely to stick with you for the long-run.

Stay focused on your domain

Every minute you spend on integrations or analytics is one less minute you spend on cultivating your core product functionalities. In a competitive space, neglecting your differentiators can be disastrous. Consider delegating your connectivity/integration work to Flatly, and analytics work to BI vendors, so you can stay dedicated to what makes you the best.

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