New connectivity

As a Business Intelligence app provider you likely already have native integrations to the mainstream cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive. If your users are asking you to integrate with new SaaS apps from categories like Help Desk, CRM, Calendar or Accounting, you can simply guide your users to leverage Flatly in combination with your existing native cloud storage connectors to close the gap. You may also easily run Flatly behind the scenes as a managed service for your users.

Focus on BI, not integration

Every minute you spend on integrations is one less minute you spend on cultivating your reporting and visualization functionalities. In a competitive space, neglecting your differentiators can be disastrous. Consider delegating your connectivity/integration work to Flatly, as we consider it our core focus.

Connect with Flatly

Drop us a line if you operate a Business Intelligence app or Dashboarding service and we can explore for fit.

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