Flat files are versatile

Setup recurring flat file exports.

Comprehensive data objects.

Flatly lets you automatically export full LIST type objects from your business apps. If an app exposes data through its API, Flatly can read, copy and flatten all of it to CSV, Sheets or XLSX files every 10 minutes, hourly or daily.

Leverage existing tools.

Google and Microsoft have invested millions of dollars and engineering cycles into making Google Sheets (and Google Data Studio) and Excel Online (and PowerBI) the powerhouses that they are today. Tools like filtering, statistical analysis, conditional formatting and pivot tables are all waiting to be fed flat files. You are no longer limited to the predefined analytics of your data's home app. Flatly sets your data free.

Back up, collaborate, connect.

Flatly can be deployed to regularly backup your most important data objects, share your app data with external read-access users and bridge your app data to sophisticated Business Intelligence or Reporting apps that may not natively connect with your origin app.

Flat files are for humans

Data is more consumable when flattened.

How apps read data

Json code block

How humans read data


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