What makes Flatly different

We love app automation and data mapping, but we don't do either.

Not a row syncer.

We love row syncers, but Flatly is different from those awesome solutions. Flatly exports and flattens full datasets (GET /LIST ALL) from APIs / data sources, as opposed to just single rows. We think the whole concept of triggers is an unnecessary headache for data integration, but makes perfect sense for app integration.

Not a blender.

We also think very highly of data blenders, but we don't have any plans to offer sophisticated data blending or mapping tools. We leave data filtering and presentation to the vendors who specialize in those domains (BI, dashboard, spreadsheet tools vendors). We also leave database administration to developers, and focus on serving everyday business users who happen to be data nerds. In an era in which the price of cloud storage is plummeting below zero, we think databases are unnecessarily costly endeavors.

Super simple.

Flatly's product focus is guided by a few key principles: profound usability, narrow functionality, reliability and universality. Flatly is made for people who don't have a lot of time for software.

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